Augmented Reality

Augmented reality offers a whole new world of exciting ways for your vision, brand or cause to interact with the user. It moves beyond the user as a mere consumer of information, and can approach them instead as unique and creative individuals. AR inspires the user to actively unite your content with their own unique contexts, and share the  result with their friends.

AR combines the best of both worlds: the informative and presentational strengths of the digital with the uniqueness of each users own physical reality. By bridging this gap, we are able to craft powerful, personal experiences.

AR is the perfect tool to built strong and personal engagement between your content, the user and their social scene by offering them playful, surprising and exciting augmented experiences, that invite them to be creative and to share. 

 AR Development by The Ulterior

Emoji Bomb, 2019 / modeled by @callmekaana

The Ulterior offers creative and engaging filters to present your content, cause or brand on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

AR is an exciting, new force. Unlike conventional static presentations it can move, change and adapt to physical reality. Its main focus lies on interaction, engagement and organic growth, which becomes all the more stronger as it has the power to merge the physical with the digital social spheres. Therefore change and movement are the key principles of The Ulterior’s augmented designs. We believe in challenging the users creativity, invinting then to physically interact with effects that are playful and surprising.

AR designs by The Ulterior are always based on movement and change. They do not only influence its users, but seek to be equally influenced by them and their environment so that the experience is as interactive as possible. These designs do not invite a simple reenactment of a template, but call on its users own creativity instead. By doing so, it unlocks possibilities beyond what is merely programmed or expected. By making designs time-based, they retain the physical experience of photography and videography, in which moment and choice are vital, and the user not a robot, but an agency. This will create a unique moment between your content and each user, making it much more likely for them to share, to remember and to return.


The Ulterior offers forward looking, openminded and original creations with a vision. Although the development fo AR for social media is very new, The Ulterior has already designed many successful effects and filters for both Instagram and Snapchat, together generating over 80 million views.

OUtopos, 2020 / modeled by @pantaxray

Compatibility on a wide range of devices, from the newest to the older and slower, is crucial for an easy and engaging user experience. Instead of working with animations and other conventional tricks that may slow down devices and are severly limited by maximum filesizes, The Ulterior has developed its own custom techniques for movement and shaping. None of the effects showcased in this portfolio use any animations, and many use no external textures. Less is more in the case of effects that need to be tiny so that they can be unpacked on any smartphone, so that their impact can be big and beautiful.

The Ulterior is run by Gijsbert Wahl. He has a background in fine art, design and philosophy, and brings creativity as well as a strong aesthetic sense and a mind for conceptualizations. His creations are higly original, making them stand out in the field of AR. Whether you like an effect based on the samples found here, or would like to develop something completely new and need help in conceptuatlizing the goal, I am here here to help you make it happen.


The Ulterior works with a fixed rate for the various different kinds of filters plus a fixed hourly rate. Filters van be ordered on a package deal with a set amount of hours, should your budget be fixed, or as an open package for the free development of something new. We understand deadlines, and are always quick to reply on any input or questions. If you describe us your wishes, we can offer you a clear and realistic projection of the possibilities and the cost. 

For any inquiries concerning The Ulterior & the development of AR for commercial commissions as well as collaborations and exhibitions, do not hesitate to contact me: 

The Ulterior by Gijs Wahl © 2020