A most powerful aspect of AR is that it takes place in its users own time and space and adapts to their movement, opening up a whole new space of possible interactions. AR not only affects the user, but lets the user influence the augmentations in return, making the experience much more physical.

ǝƃɐꟽI uǝʞoɹꓭ

Dancing LUT

Geometry & Abstraction

The Aleph

Augmented reality offers a beautiful playing field for the physical and the figurative to recombine with the abstractions of the digital realm, producing a whole new experience: digital sensations. The feeling of self will be able to move beyond the boundaries of the skin in the same way a child can extend the idea of being by giving life to its toys. 


OUtopos / modeled by @helenbreznik

Glory Box


Nothing is as physical as the effect of time working on it: that is, all that is physical changes and erodes through time. These filters bring out the time based aspects of the digital, showing it not to be a ghostly or godlike substance, but as physical, and dependent on entropy as any other material or substance. Time working on digital is called Glitch. Glitch art is the introduction of memento mori motives into the digital sphere.
Entropical Machine / modeled by @vvesnaleto
ǝƃɐꟽI uǝʞoɹꓭ

Pictorial Effects

Vanitas: Death from the Rijksmuseum 
visiting a Donald Judd
These effects can take their matter from the wealth of available visual libraries such as the wonderful public domain collections of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam & The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. These effects use no animations, so they are small and lean, making them look great on all devices. They are a perfect way to showcase your visual material by transposing it into the users own environment.
Mirror Stage
Strange Angels


A perfect way to create fun and playful interactions with users is to offer them the ability to radically alter their appearance and let them get under the skin of a character. Characters are playful, but also offer powerful means to self-express and to open up new perspectives. 
Future Loves / modeled by @skellerdy

REPUBLIC / modeled by @helenbreznik
The Unicorn / modeled by @lenslist

Digital Vampire / modeled by @22keys
The Ulterior by Gijs Wahl © 2020